Sunday, June 17, 2007

Pick one and stick with it, ladies. Please!

Ok, so I'm all aboard the Women's Lib train. Choo! Choo! But seriously, ladies, please pick a stance and stick with it. Either there are roles best suited to a male or female, or we are all equals. But which one is it?!?

If men and women are truly equals ....

Why is it the man's job to kill the stray mouse or bug that wanders into the home?

Why is it the man's job to spread the eight cubic yards of topsoil and the six cubic yards of cypress mulch that has been delivered?

Why is it the man's job to climb on the roof to conduct all sorts of dangerous odd jobs like roof repair, waterproofing, chimney sweep or hanging Christmas lights?

Why is it the man's job to haul the 40-pound bags of kitty litter into the house, or the 80-pound bags of dog food?

Why is it the man's job to replace the toilet that suddenly started leaking for some unfathomable reason?

Why is it the man's job to clean up all the dog poop in the yard?

Why is it the man's job to cut the grass, trim the walks, edge the driveway, prune the trees and clip the hedges?

Why are there still so many "Men's Jobs" still reserved for guys, but the poor guys will wind up with a law suit, a slap or drink in the face, or night in the dog house if we even come close to suggesting there still are such things as "Women's Jobs?"

Are we equals? Or are we not? I'm soooooo confused. *sigh*

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