Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Stop the Violence -- Stop the Bully

Growing up is tough. I'm glad I don't have to do that again (unless the rumors of incarnation are true, then there would be no choice). One has to learn lessons like ... life isn't fair, and sharing is caring, and don't hit other kids. How is a mere child supposed to remember all of those things? It's hard. I remember.

I've yet to meet a person who doesn't have a bully story. Mostly the stories are about being picked on, but occasionally I run into a reformed bully whose bully stories have them on the "non-getting-hit" side of the story.

Let's face it. Bullying is prevalent and always has been. But what this generation has to fear, that we really didn't, are guns. I'm not going to get into a discussion about guns and gun control today (other than the quick comment that I think we need more trained, concealed weapons carriers around). We had to keep an eye out for the occasional knife or bat, but school shootings were extremely few and far between (of course we only had three TV stations back then, so maybe we just didn't hear about the school shootings). But I digress...

Bullies can be found in the schoolyard waiting for nerds like your Uncle Frog here to come outside on the playground instead of staying indoors at my desk drawing dinosaurs during recess. Bullies can be found in the office environment belittling co-workers and jamming assignments down the throats of their subordinates. Bullies can be found in political positions who beat us all up and take our milk money in the form of compulsory taxes. And sometimes bullies can be found in one's own home, the one place that should be a sanctuary from bullying.

Bullying is wrong. Bullies are mean. A bully needs to be stopped. I think it comes down to drugs, hugs, and bugs. But I'm no psychologist bully expert. Drugs ... put the little hellions on some medication to curb their rage. Hugs ... poor little monsters just need some love and attention. And bugs ... get a group of nerds coordinated and their always-working minds can devise a devious plot to vanquish the target bully as if a swarm of bugs.

But heck ... what does a simple frog know about social structure and human personal interaction? Ribbit. Ribbit. Anyway, our line of Bully Wear isn't to promote bullying, but rather to promote ANTI-bullying. Much like wearing the "A" in the Scarlet Letter, brand your worst bully with some Uncle Frog Bully Wear.

And to help spread the word of Anti-Bullying Awareness, we present this 1-minute video to share with your friends, family and colleagues. Don't you have a minute to help and stop a bully?

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