Monday, July 2, 2007

Who wants to pick on fat people? Raise your hand!

You can't pick on people because of their race anymore. It's just not acceptable. You can't pick on people because of their gender, or even due to their sexual orientation. It's simply not politically correct. Then who on Earth, by gosh, is left to be the butt of a thousand mean jokes? Fat people, of course!

Now then, before you read too much into this article, let me explain ... I'm a member of the unspoken and eminently informal fat people's club. I'm not advocating picking on our chubby brethren. Not in the least. But you must realize, that for some reason, it still seems acceptable by society to pick on and torment overweight people.
No, I'm not here to defend the bully actions of other people toward fat men, fat women, fat boys or fat girls. We are here to bring the jokes to light, for it is in the light that the cockroaches go scurrying. If you've got a "few extra pounds" to lose, why put yourself through all the stress and anxiety about it. Simply accept yourself for who you are.

We don't discriminate against skinny people here, either. Everyone is welcome. Here we will expose fat jokes for what they are ... funny humor. By embracing it, we diffuse the jokes and slams of their power. We can strip the negativity from it by keeping it in the light. It's hard to tease a fat guy who has "Fatty McButter Pants" across his chest. What are the jokesters going to say? Nothing. So won't you join us over at the Fat Pride site and have some fun?

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Edward W said...

Why would you take pride in being unhealthy, dying early, causing health costs to skyrocket and becoming a future statistic in the leading cause of death in America (even more than smoking!)?

What, exactly, are you proud of?

Stuffing far more calories into your body than your sedentary lifestyle burns? Is that what you consider an accomplishing worthy of pride?

Comparing obesity to race is just asinine. People don't choose to be gay or black. Fat people choose to stuff their faces and do nothing to burn it off.

Poor choices are deserving of ridicule. That is what stops poor choices from being made. It's called personal responsibility. You want to take pride in being a sloth, start paying far higher health care costs to compensate for your irrational behavior. Until then, go back to sitting in your corner, as we both know exercise isn't your thing.