Monday, June 18, 2007

The Great Faith Race: Round 3 is a wonderfully diverse marketplace. Which led me to wonder how diverse it really is. Therefore, I decided to run an experiment called "The Great Faith Race." I took a sampling of major religions or religious figures and searched in the CafePress marketplace to see how many designs came up. Then I just sorted the results and am sharing them below. I ran this list the first time on April 30, 2007 and the second time on May 15, 2007 so I'll also include comparison data.

Notes ... The comparison data is for data on 6/10/07 compared to 5/15/07. Cthulhu has been added this round at the request of one of our blog readers (so keep the suggestions/comments coming!). Islam is now higher on the list than Satan (no idea what this means, if anything, so if you read into it, that's all you) Vishnu had the highest percentage increase, followed by Muhammad, Islam, Allah and Wicca. God, Christian and Jesus continue to dominate the top three.

NOTE: Although this appears to be very scientific in nature, this assumption should not be made. In other words, this is an unscientific study.

Feel free to add your comments or observations. If I ever feel compelled to run "The Great Faith Race" again, did I miss any of your favorite religions or religious icons? Let us know!


UncleFrog said...

We've already had a few suggestions from our blog posting over at MySpace.

*slaps head* ... I'll be adding Jewish, Judaism and Hebrew to the list shall there ever be an actual Round 4.

Also, we had a request for Scientology ... so it there is a Round 4, we'll include it, too.

Thanks for the suggestions, Uncle Frog Blog readers. Anything else?

Anonymous said...

Hi there,

You should also consider adding Kabbalah. (sp?) :)

UncleFrog said...

I certainly will! I'll have to look it up, too, to make sure we get the spelling right. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Uncle Frog :-)

What about Voodou? (this is the orrect spelling!)
Rainbow Snake and Dreamtime
Druids, Morrigan,

I know in the Australian Census, many put down their religon as Jedi!