Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Cloned Meat? It's Deja Stew!

So the FDA will approve the use of cloned animals and products produced by cloned animals into the human food supply. Will every meal from here on out taste exactly the same? Will people be clamoring for their Deja Stew brand beef stew?

Thus far farmers and scientists are claiming that the actual use of cloned animals in the production of food for humans is not cost effective. It is much too expensive to clone an animal for simple human consumption. Therefore, they conclude, that there is nothing to fear. Well, perhaps. Or perhaps some day it will become economically feasible. Perhaps one day it will be cheaper and easier to press a selection button to create new life, than it will be to use regular breeding techniques. Then what?

Just remember ... clones are people two!


Anonymous said...

Cloning Sucks

Anonymous said...

sucks?? EXACTLY!!!!!!!